Holland America Line Set to Debut New 'Glacier Day' and Enhanced Alaska-Focused Experiences on Every Alaska Cruise in 2024 (2024)

Culinary highlights include Alaska dishes by Fresh Fish Ambassador Chef Morimoto and new Alaska-themed co*cktails by acclaimed bartender Sam Ross

Holland America Line is launching “Glacier Day” on its Alaska cruises as debuts new programming within its “We Love Alaska” on board experiences. The all new programming includes Alaska Up Close presentations as well as culinary and beverage experiences to help foster a deeper connection to the people, history and culture of Alaska. The 2024 season kicks off April 27 from Vancouver and May 4 from Seattle.

Holland America Line Set to Debut New 'Glacier Day' and Enhanced Alaska-Focused Experiences on Every Alaska Cruise in 2024 (1)

“Holland America Line continues to focus on bringing regional and local experiences on board every cruise, with our Alaska sailings leading the way in authentic programming, localized cuisine, and now special events like ‘Glacier Day’,” said Beth Bodensteiner, chief commercial officer of Holland America Line.

“We continue to cultivate like-minded partnerships and fine-tune everything from co*cktails to wildlife maps to ensure our guests are completely immersed in all facets of Alaska.” Beth Bodensteiner added.

Alaska Season Itineraries and Cruisetours

Through September 2024 guests can sail on Holland America Line’s Alaska voyages and Cruisetours from Vancouver and Seattle aboard the Eurodam, Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Westerdam, and Zaandam. In addition to the seven-day itineraries, voyagers can take longer 14-day cruises and a brand new 28-day Arctic Circle Solstice Legendary Voyage that includes 12 Alaska ports.

Cruisetours range from nine to 18-days and include a one, two or three day visit to the incredible Denali National Park. A few Cruisetours also include an adventurous journey into the wilds of Canada’s Yukon. Holland America Line remains the only cruise line that offers combined overland tours to the Yukon combined with an Alaska cruise and Denali experience.

‘Glacier Day’ Puts a Spotlight on Alaska’s Majestic Glaciers

Holland America Line, a leader in Alaska cruising offers more glacier experiences than any other cruise line that sails the region. The new Glacier Day includes sighting times, scenic commentary, presentations, informal viewing stations, photo opportunities, Dutch Pea Soup on board, delicious Glacier Ice co*cktails served, insightful talks by Glacier Bay National Park Rangers and Huna cultural interpreters, plus an open bow for viewing and much more.

Each Alaska cruise includes a visit to one or more of Alaska’s iconic glacier destinations: Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, Dawes Glacier, and the Twin Sawyer Glaciers of Tracy Arm. You can also visit additional glaciers through shore excursions with Holland America Line, including Mendenhall and Portage Glaciers.

Serving Fresh Fish in Alaska

Holland America continues to build on its groundbreaking Global Fresh Fish program, which includes being the only cruise with Alaska seafood certified sustainable by the Responsible Fisheries Management and bringing locally sourced fresh fish from port to plate in less than 48 hours. Additionally to the seafood and other local delicacies served on the menus, ships in Alaska will serve three exclusive dishes created by the brand’s world renowned Fresh Fish Ambassador Chef Morimoto, from Fresh Black Cod Yuzu, to Morimoto Epice Lobster and Fresh Halibut XO, all dishes of the renowned sushi chef.

Something new and interesting is the Alaska Seafood Boil which will be offered once per cruise Lido Market for a surcharge. The foodie feast will serve Ivar’s Northwest style Clam Chowder, Dungeness Cruise Clusters, Alaska Salmon, Penn Cove Clams, Penn Cove Mussels and a Shrimp Bucket, with a very sweet dessert offering of Triple Berry Crisp and vanilla ice cream.

Offered once per cruise, and created with the influence of fresh, local Alaskan and Pacific Northwest ingredients, the all new Alaska Brunch Menu served up in the main Dining Room will truly shine and quickly become a guest favorite. The selections range from sweet to savory and include Alaskan Blueberry Pancakes, Salmon & Potato Chowder, Wild Forest Mushroom and Tarragon Crepes, Kodiak Steak and Egg Skillet, Crab and Hot Smoked Salmon Cakes, Biscuits with Gravy and Alaskan Reindeer Sausage, and Home Smoked Gulf of Alaska Cod Benny.

Bartender Sam Ross Creates Alaska co*cktails

Acclaimed bartender Sam Ross crafted a menu of exclusive co*cktails that will be featured in the bard on all Alaska ships: Juneau AK, Klondiker, PNW Penicillin, Mosquito, Midnight Sun and Frontier Champagne Flip. The 2011 “U.S. Bartender of the Year” and his flagship bar, Attaboy, won the 2022 award for “Best Bar in the U.S.” by The World’s 50 Best Bars. Ross is credited with creating two of the most popular modern classic co*cktails: Penicillin and Paper Plane.

New Exclusive ‘Killer Whale Pale Ale’ Available On Board Holland America Alaska

Holland America Line is debuting the new “Killer Whale Pale Ale” on all Alaska cruises this season. The beer was produced in collaboration with Pike Brewing – Seattle’s oldest craft brewery, and features notes of honey, citrus and tropical fruits. The label artwork was created through a collaboration between Holland America Line and Native Artist Rico Worl, a member of the Tlingit and Athabascan community, who also designed the Native artwork featured on the Alaska menus. The stunning artwork on the Killer Whale Pale Ale label represents the food chain in the Pacific Northwest, with a seal deftly maneuvering out of the grasp of a killer whale.

More Wildlife Viewing than Any Other Cruise Line

Alaska is synonymous with stunning wildlife and wilderness, and Holland America Line captures the ability to see the wildlife in its natural habitat more than any other cruise line. Alaska ships carry an expert on board to help guests witness the majestic animals found in the region, and a Wildlife Spotting Guide points out the native animals found along the Alaskan voyages and includes a map with the best places to spot each species. Ashore Holland America Line offers nearly 180 shore excursions to see species of all kinds.

On Deck for a Cause Continues to Support Alaska’s Parks

Holland America Line will continue to donate proceeds from its “On Deck for a Cause” charitable event aboard ships in the region to Alaska Geographic, the nonprofit education partner of Alaska’s parks, forests, refuges and conservation lands. Called “On Deck for a Cause: Alaska’s Parks,” guests on all Alaska cruises will be invited to donate $25 to participate in a noncompetitive 5K fundraising walk aboard every sailing. Funds raised through “On Deck for a Cause: Alaska’s Parks” will go to support education, science and research in Alaska’s parks. The 2023 Alaska season raised more than $100,000 for Alaska Geographic.

Standby Program Offers Reduced Rates for Seattle and Vancouver Cruises

Guests with easy access to Seattle or Vancouver have an opportunity to cruise to Alaska at a reduced rate of $49 per person, per day with Holland America Line’s Standby program. Travelers who sign up for a cruise are alerted between seven and two days before departure if they will be sailing. Solo cruisers also only pay $49 per day and do not incur a single supplement for a double stateroom.

Holland America Line Set to Debut New 'Glacier Day' and Enhanced Alaska-Focused Experiences on Every Alaska Cruise in 2024 (2024)
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