Holland America Line Announces New 2024 Alaska Cruisetours and Bonus Package (2024)

Holland America’s new Alaska Cruisetours for 2024 extend into Canada’s Yukon Territory. Plus, an early booking bonus: Have It All Package.

Holland America has just announced their 2024 Alaska Cruisetours. What’s an Alaska Cruisetour or the Have It All package?

Read on to find out more about the latest Holland America Alaska cruise deals and experiences.

With Holland America, an Alaska Cruisetour combines a cruise with their Best of Denali tour program. There are also exclusive tour options that feature a visit into Canada’s vast Yukon Territory.

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Holland America Alaska Cruisetour Advantages

Just opened for bookings in 2024, Holland America’s Cruisetours also include time to explore magnificent Denali National Park, too.

With over 75 year of cruising Alaska, Holland America has its own hotels, train cars and motor coaches throughout the Last Frontier.

Holland America Line is the only cruise line that extends their land tour package into the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush and the unspoiled vastness of the Yukon Territory.

In 2024, Holland America has 16 different Cruisetours to choose. You can either take your cruise to Alaska first, or do the land portion first followed by a southbound Alaska cruise.

Holland America Line Announces New 2024 Alaska Cruisetours and Bonus Package (2)

Cruisetours include one, two or three nights at Denali National Park. If you want to venture further into Canada, there’s a Yukon tour that stops in Dawson City and Whitehorse.

“Holland America Line has dedicated decades to perfecting Alaska travel for our guests and the result is an Alaska cruise and overland experience that is unmatched in the industry,” said Beth Bodensteiner, chief commercial officer, Holland America Line. “For travelers who are looking to explore somewhere new or our guests who have already done an Alaska cruise but want to see more of this region, a Holland America Line Cruisetour makes it easy and enriching. And with our Early Booking Bonus, now is the time to plan ahead and lock in that space for a trip of a lifetime.”

“Have It All” Early Booking Bonus Extras

The cruise line is offering a “Have It Allearly booking bonus for their Alaska Cruisetours. Normally, the Have It All package includes four add-ons: Shore Excursion(s), Specialty Dining, Beverage Package and WiFi.

The early booking bonus adds even more value to Have It All. Read on to see what else is included in this early booking bonus addition.

For a limited time, when you book 2024 Alaska Cruisetours with the Have It All premium package, the standard package amenities of shore excursions, specialty dining, a Signature Beverage Package and Surf Wi-Fi are of course, included.

Plus, there’s the the added perk of free prepaid gratuities and free upgrades to the Elite Beverage Package and Premium Wi-Fi.

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Highlights for 2024 Denali Cruisetours

  • Nieuw Amsterdam and Noordam will offer Denali Cruisetours ranging from nine to 14 days between Vancouver, Canada, and Anchorage or Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • All Denali Cruisetours include a seven-day Glacier Discovery cruise featuring Glacier Bay – Holland America Line has more permits to visit Glacier Bay than any other line — and the Alaskan ports of Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway, plus either College Fjord or Hubbard Glacier (depending on the direction) and Inside Passage. The land side includes up to three nights at Holland America Line’s McKinley Chalet Resort at the entrance to Denali National Park.
  • All Double and Triple Denali itineraries include the Tundra Wilderness Tour, which provides the best wildlife viewing through Denali National Park.
  • Holland America Line owns its motor coaches, train cars and hotels, so schedules are preferential. Each Cruisetour gets a scenic ride on the luxury-domed McKinley Explorer train attached to the Alaska Railroad train. Also included are select itineraries that offer Direct-to-Denali service, taking guests from their ship to their Denali hotel room on the same day.

Highlights for 2024 Yukon & Denali Cruisetours

  • Yukon & Denali Cruisetours range from nine to 18 days, These itineraries include either a three- or four-day Inside Passage cruise on Koningsdam or Zaandam, or a seven-day Glacier Discovery cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam or Noordam; a two-or three-night stay at Denali; and a journey into the Yukon.
  • Every Yukon & Denali Cruisetour includes the services of a professional Tour Director.
  • All Yukon & Denali Cruisetours include a ride on the McKinley Explorer full-dome train cars. Select itineraries add on the historic White Pass & Yukon Route railroad from Skagway.
  • Yukon & Denali Cruisetours features up to two nights in Dawson City, affording guests more time to relive Gold Rush history. Additional overnight experiences vary depending on the Cruisetour.
  • Nearly all Yukon & Denali Cruisetours include a Gold Dredge 8 tour and many include a tour on the Klondike Spirit paddlewheeler that takes guests along the Yukon River past stunning tall pines, historic towns and wildlife. Every Yukon & Denali itinerary includes the Tundra Wilderness Tour at Denali National Park.

Holland America Line’s McKinley Chalet Resort and Denali Square

Alaska Cruisetours include a stay at the McKinley Chalet Resort at the entrance to Denali National Park. The property is Holland America Line’s 68-acre hotel on the Nenana River. The resort features dining facilities and guest rooms, including a 99-room complex featuring Denali Suites with balconies and larger living areas.

Centrally located between the McKinley Chalet Resort and riverfront guest rooms, Denali Square is a gathering area with restaurants, an amphitheater, fire pits, outdoor seating, retail shops offering local goods, and an artist-in-residence cabin where local artists display and discuss their works.

‘Alaska Up Close’ Immerses Guests in the Local Culture

Holland America Line Announces New 2024 Alaska Cruisetours and Bonus Package (3)

Holland America Line’s “Alaska Up Close” program truly immerses guests in the local native culture with authentic onboard programming, cruise activities and shore excursions.

The exclusive experiences are delivered through experts that lead workshops and present lectures from those who know Alaska best. EXC Talks explore the stories of real Alaskans, tours highlight the best in each destination, and fine dining events showcase the culinary traditions of the region.

Holland America Line Announces New 2024 Alaska Cruisetours and Bonus Package (2024)
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