Thailand Video News | Thailand's richest face wealth decline amid political uncertainty, Thai teacher banned for livestreaming inappropriate content in class (2024)

In Thailand Video News, Jay and Alex present the latest news from across the country and around the world. Thailand’s 50 richest people saw their wealth decrease by 12% in 2024 due to political uncertainty. A Thai teacher is banned for life after live-streaming under her skirt during a class, and a senior Thai judge is being transferred after accusations of them molesting a female court officer arose. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has started “X-ray” operations, a nationwide crackdown on drug abuse and trafficking. The Election Commission has postponed announcing the senatorial election winners due to complaints of electoral fraud. A viral video has emerged showing Thai singer Witthaya Siwakrothok fighting a swarm of flying termites while on stage in Buriram. A 38 year old Japanese hairdresser has been sentenced in Singapore to be caned and jailed after raping a university student in 2019. Scientists discovered the world’s oldest figurative cave art on Indonesia’s South Sulawesi Island, dating back at least 51,200 years.

Thailand’s richest face wealth decline amid political uncertainty

Thailand’s 50 richest individuals saw their combined wealth decline by 12% to $153 billion in 2024 due to political uncertainty and a weaker baht. Red Bull co-owners Chalerm Yoovidhya & family became the new No. 1, with a $2.6 billion increase, reaching $36 billion. The Chearavanont brothers dropped to No. 2 with $29 billion. The top five remained unchanged, but all saw declines. Notable declines include Somphote Ahunai’s wealth, shrinking by two-thirds, and Aloke Lohia’s fortune falling to $1.2 billion. Four beverage tycoons experienced gains, while the minimum net worth to make the list decreased to $550 million.

Thai teacher banned for livestreaming inappropriate content in class

A Thai primary school teacher in Lopburi was banned for life by the Teachers’ Council of Thailand after livestreaming under her skirt while teaching. The incident, shared on the Bigo Live app, showed the teacher exposing her underwear in exchange for viewer gifts, which could be converted to money. The teacher, identified as a trainee at Ban Bua Chum School, had previously posted revealing videos. Following the viral story on social media, the school terminated her training. The council deemed her actions as dishonorable and lacking good morals, violating Section 44 of the Teachers and Educational Personnel Council Act.

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Senior Thai judge transferred amid molestation accusation

A senior Thai judge was urgently transferred following accusations of molesting a female court officer on a sleeper train during a staff development trip. The incident, occurring on June 1 during a journey to Chiang Mai, led to a complaint filed on June 25. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swiftly ordered the judge’s transfer on July 2 to ensure an impartial investigation, with Chumphon Chuwong temporarily taking over his position. This action underscores the judiciary’s commitment to maintaining trust, integrity, and ethical standards. The incident has prompted calls for greater accountability and transparency within the judiciary.

PM Srettha launches “X-ray” operations to combat drug abuse

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has initiated the “X-ray” operations, a nationwide crackdown on drug abuse and trafficking. This effort involves provincial governors, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), local police, and community leaders. Drug abusers will be sent to rehab centers, while traffickers will face prosecution. High-risk individuals aged 16 and above will undergo mandatory urine tests. New rehab facilities and career training programs will support the reintegration of rehabilitated individuals. From October last year to July 2, authorities have arrested 184,411 suspects, seized vast quantities of drugs, and confiscated assets worth 6.34 billion baht.

Thai election commission delays senate results amid fraud allegations

The Election Commission (EC) has delayed the announcement of 200 senatorial election winners due to numerous electoral fraud complaints. Initially set for July 3, the results are now postponed indefinitely. EC Chairman Ittip*rn Boonprakong emphasized the need for a thorough investigation without specifying the nature of the complaints or providing a new timeline. Complaints from unsuccessful candidates about potential voting collusion have prompted the EC to review each allegation meticulously. This situation has intensified scrutiny on the EC, with calls for greater transparency and accountability in the election process.

Thai singer battles termites during stage performance

During a performance in Buriram Province, Thai singer Witthaya Siwakrothok battled a swarm of flying termites while on stage, a moment captured in a viral video. The 29-year-old singer was performing at a household event when the termites swarmed during the third song. Despite the continuous insect onslaught for 30 minutes, Witthaya kept singing to avoid disappointing the guests. The video, posted by Mongkhon Sound & Studio, drew considerable online support and humorous comments, with many praising his resilience and professionalism. The band completed their set, demonstrating their dedication to entertaining the audience.

Japanese hairdresser sentenced to caning and jail for rape in Singapore

A Singapore court sentenced Japanese hairdresser Ikko Kita, 38, to 17.5 years in jail and 20 strokes of the cane for the 2019 rape of a university student. Kita, the first Japanese national to be caned in Singapore, met the intoxicated victim at Clarke Quay and took her to his flat where he raped and filmed her. The assault was deemed “brutal and cruel” by Justice Aedit Abdullah. The case has sparked reactions in Japan, highlighting Singapore’s use of caning as a controversial but compulsory punishment for certain crimes. Caning involves being struck with a wooden stick, potentially leaving permanent scars.

World’s oldest figurative cave art discovered in Indonesia

Australian and Indonesian scientists discovered the world’s oldest figurative cave art on Indonesia’s South Sulawesi Island, dating back at least 51,200 years. This painting depicts a wild pig and three human-like figures, pushing back the timeline of modern human creativity. The art suggests early human capacity for abstract thought and storytelling. Previous oldest art found in Borneo was over 40,000 years old. This finding highlights the early role of narrative in human culture and evolution. The dating was achieved using a new laser method, potentially leading to re-dating other ancient artworks worldwide.

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Thailand Video News | Thailand's richest face wealth decline amid political uncertainty, Thai teacher banned for livestreaming inappropriate content in class (2024)
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