How To Fix Maytag Dishwasher F8 E4 Code: 6 Solutions (2024)

Stuck with a Maytag dishwasher that won’t run and shows an F8 E4 error?

While it might seem alarming, the Maytag dishwasher F8 E4 error typically signifies water accumulating in the dishwasher’s drip pan. This results in triggering a safety measure to prevent potential water damage and flooding.

This blog post provides insight into the F8E4 error code and sheds light on its possible causes and suitable fixes. So, let’s get your reliable dishwasher back to its reliable self!

This problem is present in variousMaytag dishwashermodels, but its top control models are commonly affected by this F8E4 fault. Let’s explore some of these models:

Top Control Models:

  • Maytag Diamond Dishwasher MDB8989AWM
  • Maytag Diamond Dishwasher MDBH9796AWW
  • Maytag Diamond Dishwasher MDB8775AWW
  • Maytag Quantum Dishwasher MQB8986ASB
  • Maytag Quantum Dishwasher MQB8775ASW
  • Maytag Quantum Dishwasher MQB7775AWW
  • Maytag Legacy Dishwasher MDB4000AWW
  • Maytag dishwasherMDB8959SKZ
  • Maytag dishwasherMDB9979SKZ
  • Maytag dishwasherMDB9959SKZ
  • Maytag dishwasherMDB7959SKZ

Front Control Models:

  • Maytag Jetwash Plus Dishwasher MFI8875FWW
  • Maytag Jetwash Plus Dishwasher MFI8775FWW
  • Maytag Jetwash Plus Dishwasher MFI2270DEWW
  • Maytag dishwasherMDB4949SKZ

What Does F8 E4 Mean on aMaytag Dishwasher?

Table of Contents

  • Meaning:The F8 E4 code on aMaytag dishwashersignals a water level anomaly, typically a leak or overflow within the unit. So, there is water present in the wrong place.
  • Safety Feature:This code triggers a built-in safety mechanism with analarm tone. This makes yourMaytag dishwasherinoperable to prevent water damage and electrical hazards.
  • Impact on Use: When this error appears, the dishwasher ceases to function. This puts a stop to your kitchen routine and dish-cleaning process.
  • Warning Signs:Before noticing the F8E4error code, yourappliancemay drain slowly. So, you may notice pooling water. Also, your washer may make Unusual noises during the operation.
  • Importance of Addressing:Acting fast to resolve this issue is vital to restore yourMaytag dishwasher’s functionality. Also, it will protect your home from potential water damage.

Why Does YourMaytag DishwasherShow F8 E4 Code?

Water ends up in the wrong place when there is an internal leak or malfunction inside your dishwasher. This triggers the F8E4Maytag dishwasher. So, let’s delve deep into the causes triggering this issue:

1. Clogged Drain Filter

The drain filter in aMaytag dishwasheracts as a guardian for thedrain pump. It prevents fooddebris, sediment, and other small objects from reaching the pump.

Over time, these objects can accumulate in the filter, obstructing the smooth flow of water and hindering proper drainage. This trapped water can overflow into the dishwasher’s drip pan, and then trigger the F8 E4 code.

2. A Leaking Inlet Hose

This inlet valve is like an artery delivering fresh water to yourMaytag dishwasher. It connects to thewater supply valveand transports water through theconnector housing. Over time, this hose can develop leaks due to several reasons, such as:

  • Wear and tear:With age and constant exposure to water pressure and temperature fluctuations, this hose weakens and becomes cracked and damaged.
  • Loose connections:Improper installation or a loose connection at theback of the connectorcan create a weak point where water can escape. Ensure thetightness of the couplingis secure to prevent leaks.
  • Physical damage:Accidentalkinksorblockagesin the hose can restrict water flow, leading to increased pressure and potential bursts or leaks. Regularly inspect the hose for any visible damage.

A leaky inlet hose can allow water to escape and collect in the dishwasher’s drip pan. This may eventually trigger the F8 E4error code.

3. Faulty Drain Pump

Thedrain pumpin yourMaytag dishwasherremoves wastewater after each wash cycle. For this purpose, it relies on a powerful motor to pump water out of the dishwasher and into the drain line.

A malfunctioningdrain pumpmay struggle to remove water effectively, causing it to back up and pool in the drip pan, triggering the F8 E4 code. You can diagnose a faultydrain pumpIf thedishwasher motorseems to be straining. Also, if thepump keepsrunning even after the cycle is complete, it indicates a problematic pump.

A malfunctioning pump causes water to back up and generates the F8E4. Apart from casual wear and tear. the pump’s impeller can have accumulatedclogsordebrisobstructing its operation. Furthermore, faulty wiring or a malfunctioning control board can disrupt the power supply to thedrain pump.

4. Overloaded Dishwasher

Overloading the dishwasher with dishes or using excessivedishwashing detergentcan cause water to spill over and accumulate in the drip pan. Sometimes, using the incorrect type of detergent (like non-automatic types) can createexcessive suds, which may eventually overflow.

5. Incorrect Installation

If you have DIY installed your Dishwasher, you may notice this problem in the first couple ofdays of your appliance purchase. Installation error results in incorrectwater supplyconnections. Faulty connections can lead to either overflow or leakage.

6. Faulty Float Switch

Thefloat switchacts as a water level sensor in the drip pan. If it malfunctions, becomes misaligned, or gets stuck, it can falsely trigger the F8 E4 error even when water levels are normal.

How To ResetMaytag DishwasherF8E4 Code

Resetting theMaytag dishwasherF8E4 code is one of the effectiverepairtricksthat never gets old. This trick works if the problem is related to a software bug or power fluctuations.

Follow theseinstructionsto correctly reset your dishwasher:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet and leave it unplugged for at least 60 seconds.
  2. This allows the dishwasher’s internalcomponentsto completely power down and potentially clear any temporary memory glitches.
  3. Plugthe dishwasher back in and restart the wash cycle.

How To Fix F8E4Error CodeonMaytag Dishwasher

Fixing an F8E4error codeon aMaytag dishwasherdoesn’t always involve complex repairs. You can follow some DIYtroubleshooting stepsand restore your dishwasher’sreliability. But in some cases, you may needfurther assistancefrom a reliableprofessional technicianor Maytag’s customer support.

Remember: you should not proceed with theserepairattempts unless you unplug the dishwasher from thepower supply wire.

Here’s what to do to resolve F8E4error code:

1. How To Fix Clogged Drain Filter

Fixing a blocked drain filter is a simple task, here’s what to do:

  1. Look for the filter on the bottom of the dishwasher tub near the spray arm. You should pull out the bottom rack for access.
  2. You can remove the filter to clean it by rotating it counterclockwise or pulling it straight up.
  3. Use your hands to remove any stuckdebrisor food particles trapped in the filter.
  4. Rinse the filter under running water to remove any remaining residue.
  5. Reinstall the filter in its same old position and test the dishwasher to see if the code disappears.

2. How To Fix Leaking Inlet Hose

You can look for yourMaytag dishwasherat the back of the dishwasher, near the bottom. To easily locate it, you should pull out the dishwasher. Now, let’s get to work:

  1. Inspect the inlet hose for any visible signs of damage,kinks, orblockages.
  2. Check the connections at both ends of the hose, ensuring they are secure and free of leaks. Tighten any loose couplings using a wrench orpliers.
  3. If the hose appears damaged beyondrepair, replace it with a newcomponentcompatible with yourspecificMaytag dishwashermodel.
  4. While at it, take a look at thegarbage disposal. It is not a directcomponentof your dishwasher. However, it can sometimes cause issues with drainage if not functioning properly. You can consult a plumber if you aren’t familiar with unblocking

3. How To Fix Faulty Drain Pump

Thedrain pumpis one of the complicateddevicesinside yourMaytag dishwasher. Look for it in thelower part of the dishwasher tub. You can access it when you remove the lower access panel with your screwdriver. Then, look for a cylindrical object with a motor attached. This is the pump.

Here’s what you can do before calling in a pro to replace the pump:

  1. Check the impeller for anydebrisorclogsthat might be hindering its rotation.
  2. Clean the impeller thoroughly and remove any obstructions.
  3. If the pump appears damaged beyondrepair, consider replacing it with a new one compatible with your dishwasher model.

4. How To Fix Overloaded Dishwasher

This is the easiest fix for yourMaytag dishwasherF8E4 fault response.

Here’s what to do to settle the overloading issue:

  1. Avoid overloading the dishwasher with too many dishes. Ensure there is enough space between dishes to allow for proper water circulation and drainage.
  2. Use the recommended amount ofdishwashing detergentappropriate for your water hardness.
  3. Choose the correct type of detergent specifically formulated for automatic dishwashers. Avoid using excessively sudsing detergents.

5. How To Fix Incorrect Installation

If you suspect an installation error, refer to your dishwasher’s installation manual or seek assistance from a qualifiedappliancerepairtechnician.

  1. In this case, you or your hired pro should assess all the connection points and ensure everything is properly installed according to themanufacturer’s specifications.
  2. It is important to double-check the recommendeddishwasher installation tipsto avoid potential leaks or drainage issues. This might involve checking therubber gasketaround the door and ensuring thelocking tabis secure to prevent leaks.

6. How To Fix Faulty Float Switch

  • Look for thefloat switchbehind the lower access panel on the front of your dishwasher. It’s near the drip pan.
  • Identify the switch from its appearance. It’s a small, round object with wires connected to it. Narrow down your locations by checking the bottom of the tub.
  • Check for any visibledebrisor damage that makes it unfunctional.
  • If thefloat switchappears faulty, consider replacing it with a new one compatible with your dishwasher model.
  • Release thelocking tabof the old switch to successfully pull its electrical connector. Then it becomes easier to detach the entirefloat switchassembly.


theMaytag dishwasherF8E4error codesignals an internal leak or malfunction, preventing proper water drainage. This can be caused by various factors, including clogged filters, leaky hoses, faulty pumps, overloading, incorrect installation, or a malfunctioningfloat switch.

While a simple reset might sometimes resolve temporary glitches, addressing the root cause is crucial. Fortunately, you can apply some DIY solutions for common issues like overloading, incorrect installation, or unclean drain filters.

However, for complex repairs, like a faultydrain pump, or defectivefloat switch, seek professional help.

Facing more issues with yourMaytag dishwasher? Check out this blog post on how to fix aMaytag dishwashernot draining, or aMaytag dishwashernot drying.

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How To Fix Maytag Dishwasher F8 E4 Code: 6 Solutions (2024)
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